Five Months Abroad

Five Months Abroad

And just like that, we’ve been in Brazil* for five months! (*We’re currently in Argentina for the holidays.)

It’s hard to put into words just how happy I am with our new lives as ex-pats. I’m pleased to report, and maybe a bit surprised, to say the transition has been easy on us. I think our previous stints in other metro areas, D.C., Chicago, and San Francisco, not to mention having “commuted” to New York City, helped soften any growing pains of living in a large city. And Sao Paulo is a big city; it’s home to about 12 million people! If anything, this is probably our best city yet: our neighborhood is walkable, the food scene is incredible, and the traffic isn’t nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. (Again, I think having NYC, D.C., Chicago, and the Bay Area as comparison cities, helps!)

Our biggest challenge has been the language barrier as Portuguese is a difficult language to master. Fortunately, we’ve been bailed out of sticky situations by kind passers-by and Rishi has been annoyingly quick to pick up the language. (He’ll tell you he’s not very good, but the man was able to custom order a couch, totally in Portuguese, and what we ordered actually arrived as expected!)

Now that the first semester has wrapped, and I’m on summer vacation until late January, I’ll have more free time to catch y’all up on all things Brazil, our recent trips to Ilhabela and Florianopolis, and not to mention our current trip through Argentina. Tchau!

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