Airplane Snacks

I’m a little food-obsessed. And I go from ‘I’m feeling a bit peckish’ to hangry in about 15 minutes so when I’m faced with any type of travel, packing snacks, or picking up a meal at the airport, is essential to my comfort and the sanity of my traveling companion. I recently read this article from Serious Eats in which its contributors discussed their go-to strategies for eating while traveling through airports so I thought I’d share my own, too.

Usually, I pack my own snacks and also leave home with an empty water bottle to fill-up after clearing security. My favorite snacks to pack are KIND bars (out of sheer convenience), raw almonds, and dried fruit (usually mango and banana). This is my routine regardless of how long my flight is because there is nothing worse than being stuck on a tarmac without food or end in sight.

Follow that latte up with plenty of water in-flight| Airplane Snacks
Follow that latte up with plenty of water in-flight!

Depending on what time of day I’m flying, I might also pick up something at the airport. I prefer to eat prior to boarding (to avoid being that person that brings something pungent onto the plane…) and stick with foods low in fiber to avoid this issue. Fortunately, Terminal 2 at SFO has a lot of great options if I need to pick up a meal or just snacks. Napa Farms Market (all locally sourced food, including Cowgirl Creamery and Acme Bakery!) and The Plant Cafe are often the two places I hit up before departing and sometimes even on arrival!

Do you have a go-to snacking strategy when you travel?

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Crossbody Bags

One of my travel essentials for vacation is a crossbody bag. I like having my hands free and this style prevents me from overpacking for a day of sightseeing. (But I favor a slightly larger size so I can still carry a camera, wallet, emergency kit, and umbrella.) Alas, after several years and countless trips, my favorite crossbody bag is showing signs of wear and tear so I’m in the market for a replacement. Here are the front runners:

Crossbody bags
one | two | three | four | five

I think I’m leaning toward another Marc by Marc Jacobs bag since this one is similar in size to my current bag and the zipper flap adds additional security against pickpocketing. However, I really love all of the products I’ve purchased from Cuyana, so the small carryall tote in black might be my pick.

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My Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List
Copenhagen, Denmark is on my list of places to return to soon.

Last week I started planning out my travel schedule for work. I got really excited when I saw that my travel is increasing this year because, duh, I love to travel, but also because it means some serious frequent flyer miles to put toward vacations. That got me thinking about where I want to go next so I took a stab at making a travel bucket list. Here’s what I came up with after some brainstorming:

  1. Alaska. This is in the works for next summer!
  2. Antarctica. So I can say I’ve been to all seven continents. I think doing a cruise that goes from Argentina to Chile would be a great way of accomplishing this!
  3. Argentina & Chile. Wine, polo, hiking. I’m all over that.
  4. Australia & New Zealand. See the Great Barrier Reef before it disappears.
  5. China. Because there’s so much history to learn and I love Chinese art in particular.
  6. Cuba. But before its tourism industry really explodes, so we should get on this one soon!
  7. Egypt. Hopefully, it’ll stabilize sooner rather than later…
  8. France. I would go every year if I could!
  9. The Galapagos Islands. Tortoises! Would need to go with a very eco-friendly tour company though.
  10. Hawaii. Visiting two islands in October of this year, but we’ll need to visit again and check out the other islands.
  11. Iceland. Only during a time of year when we can see the aurora borealis.
  12. Italy. I’d like to get back to Rome and Florence and then spend an extended amount of time in Tuscany and along the Amalfi Coast.
  13. Japan. Tokyo is home to one of the best jewel collections in the world, Albion Art, and I want to swim with whale sharks again, but this time in the wild, off the coast of Okinawa.
  14. Our National Parks. Especially living on the West Coast, places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Arches are more accessible.
  15. The Nordic countries. I loved Copenhagen and Oslo, but would like to spend more time in both cities and I have yet to visit Stockholm or Helsinki.
  16. Peru. Machu Picchu specifically.
  17. Russia. I love Russian history (a unique obsession, I know). I’m really interested in this Viking River cruise as a way of visiting Moscow and St. Peterburg.
  18. Scotland. Edinburgh is beautiful.
  19. South Africa… and then Kenya to compare safaris. I really want to do this horseback safari in South Africa and then go cage diving among the Great White sharks.
  20. Spain & Portugal. Wine and sunshine. This is in the works for next fall along with a visit to Morocco.

What locations are on your travel bucket list?

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Travel Tick-Tock

As I’ve said before, when I’m traveling, I like to be on autopilot with a pre-determined itinerary. In order to keep details straight, and always handy, I usually create a “travel tick-tock.”

Travel Tick-Tock
A snapshot of our itinerary in Dublin & London

I adapted this from a friend (hi, Meghan!) and its come in handy many times, especially details about public transit. Although we always travel with a phone with global data, sometimes it takes awhile to register our location, like when we were in Berlin. Fortunately, I had already determined how to get from the airport to our hotel and at 6am, it took the guesswork out of interpreting a subway map in a foreign language.

We’ve done trips where everything is perfectly choreographed, but lately, I’ve been using this template to record key information like hotel reservations (I’ve also used TripIt, but with this, I can note if we booked on points or miles, how many, etc.) and as a thought-catcher for things we might want to do in a given destination. An per this article, it sound like that’s the right balance to maximize your vacation enjoyment.

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