10 Quick Highlights from Spain

Highlights from Spain
Palacio de Generalife | Granada, Spain

I returned from my trip to Spain on Saturday and spent yesterday readjusting being home, doing laundry, and fighting jet lag. Our trip was the perfect mix of sightseeing and relaxation. Here’s 10 quick highlights from Spain:

  1. Indulging in jamón ibérico and croquettas at every meal
  2. Luxuriating in an Arabic bath in Granada
  3. Contemplating the devastation of war while viewing Picasso’s immense Guernica 
  4. Sampling churros in search of Madrid’s best
  5. Soaking up the sunshine along the Costa del Sol
  6. Admiring the Spanish countryside from the comfort of a Rail Europe train
  7. Meandering through winding streets in Marbella
  8. Imbibing the enexpensive, but excellent Spanish wine
  9. Admiring the bright pink and purple bougainvilleas in Seville
  10. Discovering the coolest courtyards of the homes in Cordoba

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